• VGA to HDMI Review: Convert Analog to Digital



    Today, people can stream Netflix, their favorite television shows, and other videos to their home computer. However, with the advent of the digital television and more affordable big-screen TVs, many individuals desire to free themselves of the VGA computer monitor. They long to watch their favorite flicks on their high-tech HDTV. Some scour the internet for the perfect length VGA to HDMI cable to help them achieve this technological goal. Sadly, what most do not realize is that they need more than just a cable to convert VGA to HDMI. In order to transform a VGA analog signal to a digital HDMI format, the user needs both a converter device and a few cables.

    In our VGA to HDMI Review, we give objective side-by-side comparisons of the best VGA converters available on the market. Coupled with this informational article on digital VGA converters and how they work, we hope to provide you with the tools you need to learn how to display your computer's sound and video on your HDTV with a VGA converter appliance. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don't Have To.™

    VGA vs. HDMI
    Electronic devices can process and transfer two separate types of signals: analog and digital. VGA signals are of the analog variety. VGA devices can carry only one signal at a time. The VGA signal commonly contains video only. VGA analog signals do not contain sounds, music or other audio components.

    Alternately, the technology driving HDMI is digital. Digital signals use binary code. This code uses a series of ones and zeros to capture, record, and output both video and audio. Binary code is the language of the computer. Computers use binary code to process email, text, video, music, graphics and more. Everything a person does on a computer is digital. In order for a computer to process an analog video, it must first convert the file to a digital format.

    VGA to HDMI Converter
    To connect a VGA source to an HDMI display, a VGA converter is required. A cable alone cannot transform the computer's VGA signal to the HDMI digital format. Additionally, it must come equipped with support for the computer's audio. Precisely synchronizing both the audio and video output of the computer and preserving the clarity and integrity of the original source file is a mandatory feature of all good devices of this type.

    VGA to HDMI converter boxes can come packaged with USB connectors, VGA to HDMI adapters, VGA to VGA cables, 3.5mm cables, a power adaptor and other accessories. A digital HDMI converter can transform the analog video signal from a desktop computer, laptop, netbook, iPad, iPhones, BlackBerry smart phones, eReader or other compatible device. Once successfully converted, the user of the digital HDMI converter can display their computer's desktop and play sound directly onto their HDTV.

    Digital HDMI converter technology allows the business user to take advantage of HDTV's big screens when they give that important presentation. The VGA converter lets the home user watch those favorite YouTube videos, play games, surf the web and more on their big screen digital HDTV.

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